CEON - Centro Operativo Neoplasie Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata

Che cos'è ceon

The Centro Operativo Neoplasie is an organized centre that aims to be a reference point between trust, Interdisciplinary Groups and patients in the care and treatment of cancer.

The Ce.O.N. office of the “Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata - A.O.U.I.” in Verona, offers a wide range of services for cancer patients and for Interdisciplinary Groups. The aim of this project is to offer concrete solutions, help and support to everyone involved in the cancer care and treatment.

Patients and their families can find here a useful information service, help and continued support.

The patient will be referred to the proper Interdisciplinary Group (I.G.), which thereafter will ensure the overall management of cancer and that all patient's needs are met.

Each I.G. brings together members of different Medical Units and other healthcare staff in order to improve services, care and treatment of a specific cancer or tumour type. All the members are involved at different levels in the care and treatment of cancer, with the aim of creating a collaborative work group.

The Interdisciplinary Groups share the same goal: to enhance the management of tumours by providing a functional network made up of coordinated working teams.

Active Interdisciplinary Groups

  • GSV

    Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Group


    Interdisciplinary Lung Cancer Group

  • CIMeV

    Interdisciplinary Melanoma Group


    Verona Hepatobiliary Oncologic Group

  • GrINOV

    Interdisciplinary Neuro Oncological Group

  • GISM